Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding

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New on ejournals@cambridge A-Z : Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding, covering international relations, sociology, international law, social anthropology, geography and regional studies.

This cross-disciplinary journal analyses international intervention, focussing on interactions and practices to shape influence and transform state and society. It looks at internal and external influences, including international organisations, coalitions or single states, and looks at how they compete against each other to establish and institutionalise rule.

The aims and scope of the journal can be found here.

Now available to the University of Cambridge electronically from volume 1 (2007) to present.

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South Asia Archive

Trial access is now available to the South Asia Archive.

Trial ends December 6 2013.

The South Asia Archive is a specialist digital platform providing global electronic access to culturally and historically significant literary material produced from within – and about – the South Asian region. It is not merely a repository, but a vehicle for targeted research, and one which has been intelligently structured to ensure efficient content discovery.

Documents have been selected and catalogued by subject specialist editors, with expert commentaries provided to guide users through serial content.  The archive contains millions of pages of digitized primary and secondary material in a mix of English and vernacular languages dating back to the start of the eighteenth century, up to the mid-twentieth century. The archive is derived from original archive materials held by the The South Asia Research Foundation and provides online access to previously unavailable resources in South Asian studies.

Access the trial of the South Asia Archive via this link.

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Everyday life and women in America

Trial access is now available to the primary source collection Everyday life and women in America.

Trial ends 16 November 2013.

This digital collection is an unparalleled resource for the study of American social, cultural, and popular history, providing immediate access to rare primary source material from the Sallie Bingham Center for Women’s History, Duke University and The New York Public Library. It comprises thousands of fully searchable images (alongside transcriptions) of monographs, pamphlets, periodicals and broadsides addressing 19th and early 20th century political, social and gender issues, religion, race, education, employment, marriage, sexuality, home and family life, health, and pastimes. The collection is especially rich in conduct of life and domestic management literature, offering vivid insights into the daily lives of women and men, as well as emphasizing contrasts in regional, urban and rural cultures.

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Resource of the month (October 2013) : Oxford African American Studies Center

Introducing a new monthly series featuring online resources for the University of Cambridge, Kasia Boddy of the Faculty of English writes:

An ever-expanding editorial project, the Oxford African American Studies Center is already an essential resource for those researching and teaching African American literature, culture and history. Edited by a leading scholar in the field, Henry Louis Gates, Jr, the AASC synthesises a huge range of materials from diverse primary and secondary sources: newspaper stories, speeches, all kinds of ephemera, as well as encyclopedia and dictionary entries, including American National Biography, and articles from OUP’s companions to, among other things, African American Literature and Black British History.

For teaching, I’ve also found the image archive (of over 2,500 images), timelines and collection of primary texts particularly useful. I also regularly refer students to the bibliographies on everything from ‘the Great Migration’ to ‘hip hop’ – many of whose items are linked in directly to the UL catalogue or other online sources. It’s very easy to navigate and find what you need.

In September 2013, the site began publishing a series of ‘Community Spotlights’ focusing on particular cities and regions. The first city to be considered is Atlanta, Georgia – just in time to send my students to read Booker T. Washington’s 1895 ‘Atlanta Exposition Address’ and consider how Ralph Ellison parodies it in his 1952 novel, Invisible Man.

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Journal of Semantics

New to ejournals@cambridge A-Z: Journal of Semantics

Journal of Semantics covers the study of meaning, with a focus on formal and experimental methods.

To quote from its ‘scope of this journal’ section “it is explicitly interdisciplinary, in that it aims at an integration of philosophical, psychological, and linguistic semantics as well as semantic work done in logic, artificial intelligence, and anthropology.”

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Japan Science and Technology Agency

New on Swetswise Online Content platform: Japan Science and Technology Agency Open Access titles

As part of a pilot project Swets have made available the Open Access content published by Japan Science and Technology Agency (JSTA).

Swets has initiated this pilot project opening up full text access to all of the JSTA Open access titles, approx. 90 in total for all customers of Swets Online Content.

The Open Access titles can be searched via the Swetswise Online Content platform. Off Campus users should login using Shibboleth/Institutional login. A list of the JSTA titles in the pilot can be viewed here.

International Encyclopaedia of Ethics

Trial access is now available to the International Encyclopedia of Ethics. The trial ends December 14th 2013.

Access the trial via this link.

An authoritative source for ethics, incorporating metaethics, practical ethics, and normative ethics. Covering major philosophical, legal and religious traditions.

Journal of religion

New on ejournals@cambridge A-Z: The Journal of Religion

The Journal of Religion is one of the publications by which the Divinity School of The University of Chicago seeks to promote critical, hermeneutical, historical, and constructive inquiry into religion. The Journal of Religion covers areas of research with a broad range of implications for scholars of religion, or cross-disciplinary relevance, including theology, religious ethics, and philosophy of religion, as well as articles that approach the role of religion in culture and society from a historical, sociological, psychological, linguistic, or artistic standpoint.

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Journal of international political theory

New to ejournals@cambridge A-Z: Journal of international political theory

Journal of international political theory is devoted to the study and analysis of international political thought. In recent years there has been a substantial growth of interest in international political theory, as the international dimensions of contemporary life have driven political inquiry beyond its traditional boundaries. The main purpose of the Journal of International Political Theory is to promote research reflecting the breadth of interests and traditions within international political theory, from historical, analytical, comparative and normative perspectives. The journal provides a peer-reviewed forum for creative and critical work in the field and offers a unique opportunity for scholars to keep abreast of research pertaining to international political thought.

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