Data Citation Index

Cambridge now has access to the new Data Citation Index on the Web of Knowledge platform. The Data Citation Index supports data discovery, reuse and interpretation for researchers.

Researchers can discover and attribute – or receive – credit for the creation of scholarly digital research data; pinpoint primary research by understanding the impact of the scholarly research it supports; and measure the contribution of digital research in specific disciplines and identify potential collaborators

There are over 500 repositories around the world estimated to hold millions of gigabytes of data from research studies and other funded investigations. Sharing these data offers many advantages for the entire research community; however, the datasets live in disparate repositories around the world that vary significantly by (or within) disciplines or even type of study. Although the organic growth of repositories allowed for great innovations and approaches to data management, the variance also lead to a “silo” environment of disconnected resources.

The new Data Citation Index from Thomson Reuters is designed to be the first single source of data discovery for the sciences, social sciences and arts and humanities. Data Citation Index fully indexes a significant number of the world’s leading data repositories of critical interest to the scientific community, including over two million data studies and datasets. The records for the datasets, which include authors, institutions, keywords, citations and other metadata, are connected to related peer-reviewed literature indexed in the Web of Knowledge.

Access the Data Citation Index from the Select a Database tab on the Web of Knowledge platform at this link.

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