Book Citation Index

Cambridge users now have access to the new Book Citation Index from 2008 via the Web of Knowledge platform.

As an author, unless your book publications happened to be covered by one of the book series indexed for citations in Web of Science, you had to rely on your book publication being cited in a journal covered by the Web of Science for it to be included in the citation index. Citations to an author’s work in books, however renowned the publisher or University press, were exempt.

As everyone knows, books are much more important in the humanities and social sciences than in most natural sciences. With the vast amount of information available today, researchers rely on citation indices to identify the best resources for their research. Bringing together scholarly book, journal and conference proceedings literature within Web of Knowledge, optimizes the powerful features of citation navigation.

Researchers will have access to the citation network between books and the wider world of scholarly and scientific research, allowing them to measure the contribution of books in specific disciplines and identify potential collaborators.

The selection criteria for inclusion in the Book Citation Index is here.

The Book Citation Index includes:

Comprehensive cited reference search
Reciprocal links to/from book records and book chapters
Accurate citation counts from journals, conference proceedings, and other books
Times Cited counts for books and book chapters
Full bibliographies from books and book chapters
Links from book and book chapter records to full text
Capture of all fundamental bibliographic information as well as author cited references.

Access the Book Citation Index from this link. (Click on “Select a Database” tab.)

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