How to use eresources@cambridge: #1 searching for ejournals

New to the world of ejournals@cambridge? Here’s a guide to help you start searching.

470504287fd73039220a889d2ba95fa5So, you have the title of an article or the details of a journal you need to browse. The first thing you then need to do is choose a search option.

The links from our catalogues are designed to identify you as part of the University of Cambridge. If you go directly to a publisher’s website or perform an internet search you may find that you cannot access material for which we have subscriptions as the website needs the authentication information from the URLs we provide.

Your search options are:

  • ejournals A-Z gateway   allows you to search by journal title, citation or subject.
  • Newton you need to use the ‘University Library, Central Science, Medical, Moore and Squire Law libraries’ catalogue to search for ejournals.
  • LibrarySearch covers all the libraries of the University of Cambridge. Also includes information on ebooks.
  • LibrarySearch+ for ‘articles and more’. Allows you to search by article title, just make sure that you ‘tick’ the ‘items with full text online’ box from the list on the left hand side.

ravenIf you are off campus you generally need to log in to Raven to access online material. A Raven log in screen should appear when you click on the link for a journal.

Raven passwords are available to current staff and students of the University of Cambridge. If you have any questions about Raven then please see this page of FAQs from the Central Science Library.

Please note, we may not have a subscription to the entire holdings of a journal. The holdings information will be included in the catalogue record. Please check that we have full text access to the specific issue require.

Help Wanted...

If our holdings state that we should have access but you experience any difficulties then please contact the ejournals@cambridge helpdesk at or visit our help pages.

If we do not have a subscription to a title you think we should have send us an email, with the details of the journal and your reason for recommendation, and we will include it in the database of titles to be considered for acquisition.

3 thoughts on “How to use eresources@cambridge: #1 searching for ejournals

  1. Rachel Rowe says:

    Even though Cambridge libraries may not hold the title you wish to see in electronic form, do remember that it may be held in print/paper format. You can perform an ‘exact search’ for a journal title on LibrarySearch (restricting your title search to Journals).

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