Social analysis

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Capoeira Practice on Dili Beach, Timor-Leste - United Nations Flickr PhotostreamSocial Analysis encourages contributions that break away from the disciplinary bounds of anthropology and suggest innovative ways of challenging hegemonic paradigms through ‘grounded theory’, analysis based in original empirical research. It is available for the publication of information and discussion by active ethnographic researchers into the forces involved in the production of human suffering, poverty, prejudice, war, and violence. The main thrust of the journal is toward publishing material that presents a critical and concerned anthropology.

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Social thought & research

New on ejournals@cambridge A-Z : Social thought & research

Memorial Campanile, the University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas

Social thought & research is an annual peer-reviewed publication edited by graduate students of the sociology department at The University of Kansas and is one of the few student-run sociological journals in the United States. STAR has published papers in a variety of sociological areas, including critical theory, authoritarianism, social movements, culture, sexuality, gender, globalization, and feminist cross-cultural research. Having previously published papers on a range of subjects by leading social thinkers, STAR continues to publish current issues in sociology as well as in interdisciplinary research, such as women’s studies, political science, anthropology, history, and American studies, and other topics of sociological interest. In addition to peer-reviewed articles, STAR publishes book reviews, research notes, and interviews with the guest speakers from The University of Kansas sociology department’s annual lecture series.

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Medical problems of performing arts

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Medical problems of performing arts is the first clinical medical journal devoted to the etiology, diagnosis, and treatment of medical and psychological disorders related to the performing arts. Original peer-reviewed research papers cover topics including neurologic disorders, musculoskeletal conditions, voice and hearing disorders, anxieties, stress, substance abuse, disorders of aging, and other health issues related to actors, dancers, singers, musicians, and other performers.

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History and philosophy of the life sciences

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Diatoms through the microscope.jpg

History and philosophy of the life sciences is an interdisciplinary journal committed to providing an integrative approach to understanding the life sciences. In specific terms, it welcomes submissions from biologists, historians, philosophers, and scholars in the social study of science that offer broad and interdisciplinary perspectives on the development of biology, especially as these perspectives illuminate both biology’s scientific development and its larger role in society.

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European educational research journal

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The European educational research journal is an international peer-reviewed journal devoted to Europeanization in educational research, and is the official journal of  the European Educational Research Association (EERA). It publishes aspects of educational research which illuminate the cases and contents of the emerging borderless space of European educational research.

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European journal of higher education

New on ejournals@cambridge A-Z : European journal of higher education

European Journal of Higher Education  covers higher education-related topics across the European region, featuring both theoretical and practice-based analyses, from a range of disciplinary and methodological approaches.
The EJHE publishes articles dealing with explicit international comparisons, and less-researched countries and regions.

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Behavioral sciences of terrorism and political aggression

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Behavioral sciences of terrorism and political aggression aims to address the complex causation and effects of terrorist activity by bringing together timely, consistently scientifically and theoretically sound papers addressing terrorism from a behavioral science perspective (encompassing biological, evolutionary, developmental, ecological, personality, social, military, and neuroscience approaches to psychology).

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European journal of archaeology

New on ejournals@cambridge A-Z : European journal of archaeology

The European Journal of Archaeology – the international, peer-reviewed journal of the European Association of Archaeologists – aims to publish the best new archaeological research undertaken in and around Europe.

Articles cover a wealth of topics, ranging from major reviews of the prehistoric and historic archaeology of Europe and neighbouring regions, to reports on key archaeological discoveries set within a European context, to cutting-edge research and debates on science-based archaeology, archaeological method and theory, public archaeology and the history of archaeology, to interviews reflecting upon the life and work of significant European archaeologists.

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Trial access is now available from 20 January up to 31 March 2014 to the Knovel Engineering Reference solution.  Knovel integrates technical information with analytical and search tools specifically focused on the engineering community.

Knovel is an online technical reference resource that can be used to locate potentially relevant answers in a collection, and discover interactive tables and graphs to help you use and export relevant data.   Visit this page for more detailed explanation of the Knovel resource.

Access the Knovel trial via this link.

Please send feedback on the trial to :

ROAD, Directory of Open Access Scholarly Resources

ROAD provides free access to those ISSN bibliographic records which describe scholarly resources in Open Access: journals, conference proceedings and academic repositories. These records, created by the ISSN Network (88 National Centres worldwide + the International Centre), are enriched by information about the coverage of the scholarly resources by indexing and abstracting databases, registries and journals indicators.

Main features:

Faceted search

Map search

Search per country, subject, indexing services, journal indicators.and of course per ISSN

Presentation of the indexing and abstracting databases, registries and journals indicators which data are used for enriching bibliographic records

Records freely downloadable as a MARC XML dump (they will be available as RDF triples in 2014).

ROAD serves four major purposes  :

to provide a single access point to different types of online scholarly resources published worldwide and freely available,

to provide information about the use of the Open Access resources identified by an ISSN in the scholarly community,

as such, and once the coverage of ROAD is developed, to give an overview of the Open Access scholarly production worldwide (for statistics purposes for instance),

to demonstrate new ways of using the ISSN for compiling information from various sources.

ROAD will be developed all along 2014:

completion of the coverage (retrospective identification of Open Access scholarly resources within the ISSN Register),

addition of new types of resources (e.g., : monographic series),

ROAD records in RDF triples, using the PRESSoo model as a formalism,

Extension of the list of indexing/abstracting databases and journal indicators used for enriching ISSN records