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The ebooks team is pleased to announce that Taylor & Francis have opened up free access for University of Cambridge users to Routledge’s History Online, you can access the platform from here and it will be available until February 2015.

History Online is a collection of Routledge’s encyclopaedias, dictionaries, companions and handbooks in history, including Gallagher’s The American Civil War, Kibler’s Medieval France, and Essential Histories such as The Greek and Persian Wars and Byzantium at War. This collection will increase as more titles are added.

There is unlimited concurrent access, both on and off campus (with a Raven login) and you can cross-reference between titles. MARC records will be added to LibrarySearch as soon as possible. african history

Please let us know what you think of the content and usability of this collection, it will help us to review it at the end of the free…

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Environment and History

New on ejournals@cambridge A-Z : Environment and History.

'2011 Arctic Ozone Loss' by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center on Flickr

‘2011 Arctic Ozone Loss’ by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center on Flickr

From the ingentaconnect website for the journal:

Environment and History is an interdisciplinary journal which aims to bring scholars in the humanities and biological sciences closer together, with the deliberate intention of constructing long and well-founded perspectives on present day environmental problems.
“A regular feature of the journal is a section on current activities in environmental history, including the ‘Notepad’ of the European Society for Environmental History.”

Published by White Horse Press.

Now available to the University of Cambridge electronically from volume 1 (1995) to present.

Access Environment and History via the ejournals@cambridge A-Z or at this link.

Author seminar : How to Write Great Papers: from Title to References, from Submission to Publication

A seminar for authors “How to Write Great Papers: from Title to References, from Submission to Publication” will take place on 20 March 2014, at 13:00 until 15:30 pm in Lecture Theatre 1, William Gates Building, Computing Laboratory.  Please sign up here.

This seminar will be given by Toby Charkin, Executive Publisher ,Life Sciences, Elsevier, and Michaela Kurschildgen, Account Development Manager, Elsevier.

Knowing how to correctly prepare a paper, and the most appropriate scientific journal to send it to will significantly increase the chances of your paper being accepted.  Furthermore, a strong grasp of the review process and the organization of the editorial office can help you – the researcher – understand what will be expected of your submission when it hits the desk.

Here’s your chance to learn from the world’s leading publisher of science, technology and health science journals. Attend this seminar to find out about:

  • Types of scientific publications
  • The different types of research papers published
  • Considerations before writing
  • Choosing the right journal
  • Writing using correct language
  • The structure of the manuscript
  • The submission and review procedure
  • Author responsibilities: publishing ethics and plagiarism
  • Publishing Open Access
  • How to use information resources as a tool for authors (brief online demo on Scopus and Mendeley

Audience: (Junior) scientists and PhD students of ALL disciplines

This seminar is organized jointly by the Cambridge University Library and Elsevier.

How to use eresources@cambridge: #2 ejournal error messages

Found what you are looking for in the catalogue? Viewing articles should now be easy, but there are some common error messages that may get in your way.

Once you have read our guide to searching for ejournals, and have chosen your preferred search option, it should all be plain sailing, but you may find that you see one of the following:

EZProxy error message: (click on images to enlarge)EZProxy

Fix: copy and paste the error message into an email to with the journal title and URL. Once we get this information we can fix this for you.

‘Subscription required’ error messages and paywalls: (just a few examples, each website will differ)

access restricted purchase PDF  requires sub ask your lib buy & download

Fix: double check our holdings (Journal Search). If the Journal Search holdings show we should have access to the article you are looking for then email us with the details of the error message, we’ll need to investigate further. If the holdings show that we do not have access to the volume you require then you can check for print holdings within the University via iDiscover or make a recommendation that an electronic subscription should be purchased here.

If there are no electronic or print copies available within the University then you can try to get hold of a copy via Inter-Library Loans. Please ask your department or faculty librarians about any I.L.L. facilities available to you or read information about the University Library’s I.L.L. department here.

“File missing: docs/deny.htm”. error message and Raven eresources access permissions

Fix: check you Raven status here. If you are a current student or member of staff of the University of Cambridge contact the Raven helpdesk. Tell them that you see this error message and let them know your current status at the University of Cambridge.

Alumni of the university can access some eresources via the Alumni Office website either with their Raven or login details.


Also, if you are having problems accessing a journal you have previously viewed you can try using a different browser or deleting the history, cookies and cache from your browser and closing then reopening it. For more details on cookies and how to delete them please see this page.

Remember, you need to use the links from the Journal Search, iDiscover, or Articles and Journals search to trigger your authentication as a member of the University of Cambridge.

If you are experiencing a problem with a database then please email

For problems with ebooks email

For further details about Raven please visit the FAQs page.

Wiley interdisciplinary reviews. Cognitive science

New on ejournals@cambridge A-Z : Wiley interdisciplinary reviews. Cognitive science.


‘Neurons, In Vitro Color’ by MR McGill on Flickr

From the Wiley Online Library website for the journal:

“An important new forum to promote cross-disciplinary research on cognitive functions such as perception and action, memory and learning, language and communication, reasoning and problem solving, decision-making, and consciousness.

“An authoritative, encyclopedic resource addressing key topics from diverse research perspectives.”

Now available to the University of Cambridge electronically from volume 1 (2010) to present.

Access Wiley interdisciplinary reviews. Cognitive science via the ejournals@cambridge A-Z or at this link.

The Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology


cdh banner

The University Library is pleased to announce that The Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology online is now available for Cambridge University users. “It is an essential reference resource for scholars of global hymnody, with information on the hymns of many countries and languages, and a strong emphasis on the historical as well as the contemporary.”

This e-resource replaces the printed Dictionary of Hymnology produced by John Julian in 1892 and contains over 4000 entries from over 300 authors from over 30 countries, writing on hymns of the Judaeo-Christian tradition. Any updates will be immediately available as part of the subscription which will be due for review in March 2015.

You can access the dictionary from here, from the eresources A-Z list, and you can search for and link from the catalogue record in LibrarySearch. A link will also be added to the ebooks collection web page.

There is unlimited…

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Don’t forget the SPS Library CamTools site!

Soc & LE library news

CamToolsSo, we’ve all been there – you have one chapter to read from a book but all the copies are already out and your supervision is tomorrow. What to do… read another book and try to explain why you didn’t get to the library in time to borrow the book? No need – the chapter’s probably ready and waiting for you on the SPS Library CamTools site!

We’ve been working super hard this year to make sure that there’s as much as possible on CamTools to help cover your core readings. So far, since November 2013, we’ve uploaded about 500 new readings to help make your life easier – have a look at the stack of papers – each one is a chapter on CamTools.

Each sheet represents a chapter or article that's been uploaded to CamTools since Nov 2013 Each sheet represents a chapter or article that’s been uploaded to CamTools since Nov 2013

We check through all SPS reading lists and make…

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Wind Energy

New on ejournals@cambridge A-Z : Wind Energy


‘Wind Turbine’ by Andrew Ferguson on Flickr

From the Wiley-Blackwell website for the journal:

“Wind power is one of the major energy resources that are important components of future energy scenarios.”

“Principal Topics

  • Wind rotors and blades – aerodynamics, aero-elastics, aero-servo-elasticity, aero-acoustics, wakes, rotor and blade design.
  • Structural and mechanical components modeling and design.
  • Electrical engineering of wind power – electrical components, power electronics and controls, generators, grid connection, integration and control of wind power plants.
  • Dynamics and control – control algorithms, sensors, actuators, and load mitigation strategies.
  • Development of resource assessment techniques- prediction, modelling, atmospheric physics, wind farm planning, siting (including off-shore developments), economics and environmental issues.
  • Concept innovations, modelling, systems – design, installation, operation, performance, optimisation and control; small, hybrid and autonomous systems and applications other than grid connection such as desalination, water pumping and heating.
  • Operations and maintenance – reliability, maintainability, condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, and economics.”

Now available to the University of Cambridge electronically from volume 1 (1998) to present.

Access Wind Energy via the ejournals@cambridge A-Z or at this link.