Maney Chinese Studies bundle

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‘Chinese lion Statue’ by leckernapfkuchen on Flicker.

The seven Maney titles included in this bundle are:

  • CHINOPERL: journal of Chinese oral and performing literature. This journal focuses on literature which has elements of oral transmission, whether historically or present day. The literature included in this journal ranges from novels, poetry and drama to proverbs, folksongs and other traditional forms of linguistic expression. Available from volume 1 (1969) to present.
  • Journal of Chinese religions is the official journal of the ‘Society for the Study of Chinese Religions’ and covers all aspects of Chinese religions throughout all periods. Available from volume 8 (1980) to present.
  • Ming Studies is the journal of the ‘Society for Ming Studies’. This peer reviewed journal publishes articles on all aspects of Chinese society from the 14th through the 17th centuries. Available from issue 1 (1975) to present.
  • T’ang Studies is the journal of the ‘Tang Studies Society’ looks into all aspects of Tang China. Some of the subject areas covered are literature, history, religious studies and art history. Available from issue 1 (1982) to present.
  • Early Medieval China, the journal of the ‘Early Medieval China Group’, is the world’s only journal dedicated to the Six Dynasties period, roughly between the Han and the beginning of the Tang eras. This journal explores all aspects of Chinese history, literature, society, and material culture of the years 220-589 CE (appox. years as material may be extended slightly either way). Available from issue 1 (1994) to present.
  • Twentieth-Century China is the official journal of the ‘Historical Society for Twentieth-Century China’. This journal aims to publish material froma range of disciplinary perspectives including Chinese social, cultural and intellectual history during the 20th century. Available from volume 20 (1995) to present.
  • The Chinese Historical Review, published on behalf of the ‘Chinese Historians in the United Sates’. The journal published original research on the history of China in every period, China’s historical relations with the world, the historical experiences of the overseas Chinese, as well as comparative and transnational studies of history and social sciences. Available from volume 14 (2008) to present.

Access these titles via the ejournals@cambridge A-Z or by clicking on the journal titles above.

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