RIPM e-library of music periodicals

Cambridge now has access to the RIPM e-library of music periodicals full-text collection of rare music journals.  The journals in this collection are not covered in the RIPM retrospective index or in the RIPM online archive (both of which Cambridge also has access to).

The journals expand on the subject areas covered by journals in the RIPM online archive, branching into instrument history, music education, early musicology, and jazz, while some deal with both musical and non-musical content, such as theatrical journals.  Some famous titles in the collection include Musical America until 1922, Le Guide musical (1855-1919), the Neue Berliner Musikzeitung (1847-1896) and early musicology periodicals.

At present the collection is not searchable separately at the title level, though a list of the titles included is provided here.  Instead, the titles can be searched from the RIPM platform on EbscoHost.  First, perform a seach on RIPM.  On the search results screen, click on the “Show Right Column” tab on the far right of the screen (indicated by two arrows pointing inwards).   (Click on the image below to enlarge it.)

RIPM without

This opens the right column and the RIPM e-library widget. (Click on the image below to enlarge it.)

RIPM with

Click on the “View results” button on the widget to see further search results from the RIPM e-library collection.

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