Ben Jonson Online

New e-resource : Ben Jonson Online

Cambridge University Library is pleased to announce access is now available to the new online edition of the Cambridge Works of Ben Jonson – “Ben Jonson Online“.

The edition “presents Jonson’s complete writings for readers of the twenty-first century, in the light of current editorial thinking and recent scholarly interpretation and discovery. It offers a clear sense, afforded by no other previous edition, of the shape, scale, and variety of the entire Jonsonian canon. At the same time, it is the first edition to use digital technology to give a dynamic insight into Jonson’s processes of composition and to reveal the editorial choices which underpin the modernized text.”

The general editor, Martin Butler comments “In his own time Jonson was deeply engaged with what the new print technology meant for the presentation of his works, I like to think that today he’d have been just as fascinated with the impact of the new digital media.”

Included in the new edition is a database of over 1,300 stage and screen productions, from the 1598 staging of Jonson’s play “Every Man in His Humor” at the Curtain Theater in London to the 2011 film “Anonymous,” described as “a historically fanciful examination of the Shakespearean authorship controversy, with Ben Jonson cast as a go-between for Edward de Vere and the fake playwright William Shakespeare.”

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