How to use eresources@cambridge: #2 ejournal error messages

Found what you are looking for in the catalogue? Viewing articles should now be easy, but there are some common error messages that may get in your way.

Once you have read our guide to searching for ejournals, and have chosen your preferred search option, it should all be plain sailing, but you may find that you see one of the following:

EZProxy error message: (click on images to enlarge)EZProxy

Fix: copy and paste the error message into an email to with the journal title and URL. Once we get this information we can fix this for you.

‘port 2048’ error message: (this message can appear, with similar text, in any browser)


Fix: this problem is caused when Lapwing blocks access to ‘port 2048’ which enables access to electronic journals. You can fix this by setting up EduRoam on your computer. The University Computing Service has details of how you can set this up.

‘Subscription required’ error messages and paywalls: (just a few examples, each website will differ)

access restricted purchase PDF  requires sub ask your lib buy & download

Fix: double check our holdings (ejournals A-Z). If the ejournals A-Z holdings show we should have access to the article you are looking for then email us with the details of the error message, we’ll need to investigate further. If the holdings show that we do not have access to the volume you require then you can check for print holdings within the University via LibrarySearch, or make a recommendation that an electronic subscription should be purchased here.

If there are no electronic or print copies available within the University then you can try to get hold of a copy via Inter-Library Loans. Please ask your department or faculty librarians about any I.L.L. facilities available to you or read information about the University Library’s I.L.L. department here.


Also, if you are having problems accessing a journal you have previously viewed you can try using a different browser or deleting the history, cookies and cache from your browser and closing then reopening it. For more details on cookies and how to delete them please see this page.

Finally, you might want to check your Raven status on this test page. FAQs for Raven can be found on the CSL website. If it appears that your Raven account is not allowing you access then please email the Raven team.

Remember, you need to use the links from the ejournals A-Z, Newton, LibrarySearch and LibrarySearch+ to trigger your authentication as a member of the University of Cambridge.

Help Wanted...

If you are experiencing a problem with a database then please email

For problems with ebooks email

For problems with DSpace contact

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