Margaret Thatcher in the news, now and then

A year ago today Margaret Thatcher, Britain’s first female Prime Minister, died.  Known as the Iron Lady for her uncompromising policies – which have become known as Thatcherism – this controversial figure had a substantial impact on British politics.

Margaret Thatcher, accompanied by her husband Denis (1915 – 2003) and children Carol and Mark

To mark this event, we have compiled some articles from our subscriptions below.   The articles provide an overview of Margaret Thatcher’s political career, covering her early political career (1959-1979) and time as Prime Minister (1979-1990); including highlights on domestic affairs, the miners’ strike, international affairs, and the fight over the Tory leadership.

Mr Heath Steps Down as Leader After 11 vote Defeat by Mrs Thatcher
Maggie, the ‘Iron Lady’
Thatcher Woos Voters With Tax Cuts
Immigrants Reach Peak of 117,000
Heath’s Amazing Poll Tax Attack on Maggie
Maggie on Track to Sell Railways
Argentina Might Well Thank Mrs Thatcher
The Battle for the Miners
EC Integration seen as enemy
Maggie’s Trek to End Apartheid
Farewell to Our Iron Lady

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