SAGE Backfile : 1879-1998

The University Library is delighted to announce access has been purchased in perpetuity for the University of Cambridge to the prestigious journal backfiles of all titles published by SAGE. This represents a major addition to the already extensive journal backfiles available online to the University and will deepen and help facilitate research and teaching across multiple disciplines.

The SAGE backfile comprises over 460 journals, including more than 570,000 articles of historical content, covering subjects in business, humanities, social science, and science, technology and medicine.  Access runs from the first issue (back as early as 1879) up to 1998, after which year Cambridge enjoys access to the current issues of SAGE journals via the University Journals Coordination Scheme’s subscription to the SAGE Premier journal package.  70% of the journals in the SAGE backfile are ranked in the 2012 Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Reports.

Access the SAGE backfile journals via the “SAGE Deep Backfile Package 2014” links in the ejournals@cambridge A-Z gateway.  For a list of the titles in the SAGE backfile see this spreadsheet SAGE Deep Backfile Package 2014 full title list.

What is the journal with the earliest content in the archive, then?  It’s the The Journal of the Royal Society for the Promotion of Health (later to be called Perspectives in Public Health) where in the earliest issue, of 1879, W. Ogle opined on “Nurses: How to Make Them, How to Use Them, How to Pay Them”: “As Mrs Nightingale well says, probationers must be sober, honest, truthful, trustworthy, punctual, quiet and orderly, cleanly and neat, patient, cheerful, and kindly, and to these qualifications let me add that they should be Christians with a single eye.”  Two years earlier the St John’s Ambulance Association had been formed (its bandages in a fabric design from Flickr by Jane McDevitt below), of which Ogle later discusses the classes (refusing them in Derby, where that singleness of purpose he asks for in nurses is all the more necessary “in this way you escape both Scylla and Charybdis”).


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