The rise and rise of SUNCAT

SUNCAT, the Serials Union Catalogue for the UK, which it is now impossible to imagine we ever lived without, had a major face-lift from EDINA last October (2013).  The new SUNCAT – which it should properly be called, is here

The old or “original” SUNCAT is still available from a link on the site, but it will go in a few months.

An EDINA Serials Forum was held last month and reports on the new SUNCAT, the Keepers Registry and the UK Research Reserve can be found here.

Not least useful, in SUNCAT you can now limit to particular areas, “geographic locations” and limit to particular libraries, and combine those limits as you desire.  The choice of display preferences is much wider than before, plus the linking out to tables of contents and to library details makes for a significantly more useful and easier experience searching and retrieving records.

Edinburgh Sunrise

Edinburgh Sunrise, Stew Wilson, Flickr.

Further information on EDINA’s forthcoming completion of work on the Keepers Registry – of interest to anyone concerned with long-term preservation of electronic journals – will be posted here soon.



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