JSTOR Arts and Sciences Archive IX now available

Archives by Marino Gonzalez on Flickr

Archives by Marino Gonzalez on Flickr

JSTOR Arts and Sciences Archive IX is now available to access for current staff and students as well as alumni of the University of Cambridge.

The archive currently contains 268 titles, from over 25 countries, focusing on a wide range of subjects, including:

  • anthropology
  • archaeology
  • business
  • economics
  • sociology
  • population studies
  • political science

JSTORThe JISC Collections website notes that JSTOR “…in developing its Arts and Sciences collections, incorporates the regular feedback they receive from their user and library communities. In response to this feedback, their emphasis for Arts and Sciences IX was to offer a more international representation of titles in content, language, and origin of publication, across the entire collection.”

To view content from a sample of titles from the archive please click on the “Now available from…” links (the text in the journal descriptions is direct from JSTOR):

  • The American Sociologist publishes papers, comments, and other writings on topics of professional and disciplinary concern to sociologists. The contents examine intellectual, practical, and ethical issues affecting the work, careers, and perspectives of sociologists. Now available from vol 1 (1965) – vol 41 (2010) (also available from vol 47 (1987) – present via this Springer link)
  • Canadian Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Studies / Revue canadienne des études latino-américaines et caraïbes  publishes distinguished research and debates on Latin America and the Caribbean. It publishes peer-reviewed articles based on original research, in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish. Now available from vol 9 (1984) – vol 34 (2009).
  • Islamic Studies is an internationally peer reviewed research journal. It publishes research articles, notes, comments, review-articles and book-reviews in all disciplines of Islamic Studies. Now available from vol 1 (1962) – vol 50 (2011).
  • Israel Exploration Journal is a peer-reviewed journal published for over half a century, which serves as a major interdisciplinary scholarly forum for current archaeological, historical, philological, and geographical research about Israel and its environs. Articles span a broad chronological range, from prehistoric through historical periods. Now available from vol 1 (1950) – vol 60 (2010).
  • Review (Fernaud Braudel Center) was founded in 1976 by Immanuel Wallerstein as the official journal of the Fernand Braudel Center for the Study of Economies, Historical Systems, and Civilizations. Review is committed to the pursuit of a perspective which recognizes the primacy of analyses of economies over long historical time and large space, the holism of the socio-historical process, and the transitory (heuristic) nature of theories. Now available from vol 1 1977) – vol 34 (2011)
  • Science & Society is the longest continuously published journal of Marxist scholarship, in any language, in the world. Now available from vol 1 (1938) – vol 72 (2008)
Neon by vistavision on Flickr

Neon by vistavision on Flickr


A title list for the archive can be found here (this list shows the ‘moving walls’ where our access ends. The archive does not allow access to the most recent content in most cases.).

You can access journals from the archive via a title search on the ejournals A-Z.


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