Journal Citation Reports & Essential Science Indicators

Journal Citation Reports & Essential Science Indicators are now available on the re-designed and unified InCites platform for assessing and evaluating research performance on trial access until 30 September 2014.  The trial is currently only available on campus via the following links:

Journal Citation Reports

Essential Science Indicators

The new platform for JCR and ESI offers:

* Improved data clarity with indicators based on publication year.

* New trend data views and visualizations.

* Easy saving and exporting of reports.

* Drill down to access and explore the underlying data that informs Journal Citation Reports metrics.

* Easy analysis and comparison of journal trends over time.

* New exploratory environment promoting discovery and easier analysis.

* Personalisation options to support your workflow.

Please send feedback on the trial to

Please note the trial access to the JCR and ESI on the InCites platform is only available from the links above.  The JCR and ESI links on the Web of Science platform link to the existing JCR and ESI datasets on the WoS platform.

3 thoughts on “Journal Citation Reports & Essential Science Indicators

  1. spslibraryinfo says:

    Reblogged this on SPS Library Blog and commented:
    The eresources team provides another helpful guide to journal citation. You can make use of the trial access to Journal Citation Reports and Essential Science Indicators whenever you’re on campus to generate data analysis and trends.

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