How to use eresources@cambridge: #3 LibrarySearch+ (articles and more)

LibrarySearch+ allows you to search for electronic content within the majority of the ejournals, newspapers and databases available to the University of Cambridge digitally. You can perform general keyword searches for an overview of a subject or find a specific article via a title search.

To search for printed material please use LibrarySearch (LibrarySearch will also provide holdings information for journal titles that are available electronically).

LibrarySearch+ The initial search screen allows you to choose between an ‘article’ search or an ‘everything’ search. The ‘article’ search will offer results for journal articles only (the ‘content type’ ‘journal article’ box will be checked by LibrarySearch+ on the left hand side of the results screen) whereas the ‘everything’ search will include results for newspaper articles, book chapters and book reviews, amongst other things.

LibrarySearch+ Refine Search If you would only like to see items that offer full text access online then make sure you check the ‘items with full text online’ box which can be found under the heading ‘Refine your search’ on the left hand side of the results screen. LibrarySearch+ will include citation or abstract only results in any search where you do not specify full text is required.

Content TypeBy clicking ‘more …’ under the headings ‘Content Type‘ or ‘Subject Terms’ you will see a pop-up box which gives you the option to filter your search results by excluding or including different content. LS+ date

You can also filter your results by date of publication. Simply enter a date range into the boxes or move the arrows along the bar to amend the date range.

If you are looking for a specific citation then you can use the advanced search option from the results screen (you will need to complete a search from the initial screen to see the option for Advanced Search). Just fill

Advanced Search out as many details as possible to perform this search for an article.

You cannot perform a DOI search via the basic or advanced search options on LibrarySearch+.

If you need to find an article by it’s DOI then please use the ‘Search Articles by citation (DOI & PMID)’ option available on the ejournals@cambridge A-Z page.


Once you have found an article to read click on the title or where it says ‘Full Text Online’ under the abstract. You will be redirected to a screen that looks like this:

Lion LS+

This screen should take you though to full text via the Raven login, if you are off campus.

If there is a problem with the way the page has loaded you can choose to ‘Open content in a new tab’ This can give access to full text when the page is taking too long to load or you see a blank screen at this stage.

If you have clicked on a link to a citation or abstract you will see a screen telling you that you cannot access full text content you can use the sidebar to contact the ejournals@camrbidge team (Report a problem), check LibrarySearch for print holdings of the journal or to request the journal via Inter-Library Loan.

'Help Wanted ...' by Matt Wetzler on Flickr

For a guide to troubleshooting common ejournal error messages then please see this blog post.

If you are unable to get the full text via LibrarySearch+ for an article that we should have access please search for the title via the ejournals A-Z.

If you cannot find full text via LibrarySearch+ or the ejournals A-Z then please contact us at

2 thoughts on “How to use eresources@cambridge: #3 LibrarySearch+ (articles and more)

  1. chemlibrarian says:

    Reblogged this on Chemistry Library blog and commented:
    This is a really useful guide to using LibrarySearch+ which allows you to search for individual articles rather than for the journal they have been published in. You can also search by DOI. If the journal the article is published in is subscribed to by the University then you will get a direct link to the article that you can follow to get the full text access (via your Raven password if you are searching from outside of the University network).

  2. spslibraryinfo says:

    Reblogged this on SPS Library Blog and commented:
    Ever had trouble finding the right article in the right format? Here is a useful guide to navigating eresources and refining search terms on
    LibrarySearch+. Follow their advice to filter results and make sure that
    you always find exactly what you’re looking for!

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