Did you know the library has access to the Digital National Security Archive, as well as many useful online resources?

Have you ever wanted to find out the facts behind the stories that have made world history for yourself? Do international relations and U.S. policy have an influence on your research? The Digital National Security Archive (D.N.S.A.) is a comprehensive database of world events, consisting of glossaries, chronologies, bibliographies, overviews, and photographs. These events have had a considerable effect on world politics, and the way we live our lives today. This vast collection has been gathered and indexed by the leading authorities in their field. D.N.S.A. contains 42 collections, which consist of 103,000 documents, more than 719,000 pages.

The collections include:

  • The United States and the two Koreas, 1969-2010
  • Afghanistan: the making of U.S. policy, 1973-1990
  • Terrorism and U.S. policy, 1968-2002
  • U.S. espionage and intelligence, 1947-1996

You can access this extensive source through the University Library’s eresource page, which also holds many more useful databases and information resources, and is a great…

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