Articles form our collection: 13th June 2014

Unlucky for some, Friday 13th:


’13’ by LEOL30 on Flickr

An explanation of why Friday 13th is seen as lucky can be found in the journal Western Folklore 01/1957, Volume 16, Issue 1, pp. 62 – 63, here.

The Independent lists a few unfortunate things that have happened on Friday 13th in history. Dreaded day stalks superstitious down the ages, 13 May 2005 (my favourite is no. 4, HMS Friday)

Not everybody finds this day unlucky “Thirteens surround Friday, 13th, wedding” Washington Post 14 Feb 1925: 1.

Football World Cup:


‘Flashlight [3]’ by Rick Harris on Flickr

England start their World Cup campaign in Brazil tomorrow. They might be hoping to come back to the scenes the England team faced back in 1966 “London mobs World Cup winners” The Observer, 31 July 1966: 2

To see a repeat of that success the current England squad might want to follow the guidelines laid out by Stephen Hawking which can be read in The Daily Telegraph “Hawking’s formula for World Cup success” 29 May 2014.

This study in Soccer & Society may be useful when it comes to the dreaded penalty shoot outs.”Penalty kicks in soccer: an empirical analysis of shooting strategies and goalkeepers’ preferences” vol 10, issue 2 (2009)








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