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International politics is a “leading peer reviewed journal dedicated to transnational issues and global problems”.  The journal defines itself as “critical in character, truly international in scope, and totally engaged with the central issues facing the world today. Taking as its point of departure the simple but essential notion that no one approach has all the answers, it aims to provide a global forum for a rapidly expanding community of scholars from across the range of academic disciplines.”

Topics addressed within the journal include:

  • Rethinking the Clash of Civilizations
  • Myths of Westphalia
  • Holocaust and China
  • Leo Strauss and the Cold War
  • Justin Rosenberg and Globalisation Theory
  • Putin and the West
  • The USA Post-Bush
  • Can China Rise Peacefully?
  • Just Wars
  • Cuba, Castro and After
  • Gramsci and IR
  • Is America in Decline?

Access International politics via this link.

Access International politics reviews via this link.

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