Altmetrics for Institutions

Followers of the altmetrics movement may like to catch up with Altmetrics for Institutions with this article from Against the Grain, a useful summary of what the platform, developed in partnership with the University of Cambridge, can offer researchers, and research support librarians advising on the broader impact their research is having.

2 thoughts on “Altmetrics for Institutions

  1. chemlibrarian says:

    Reblogged this on Chemistry Library blog and commented:
    The University of Cambridge has worked closely with Altmetric to develop this new Altmetrics for Institutions platform. Altmetrics are an important development in the world of scholarly publishing and everyone needs to be aware of them. They are already present on some citation databases and publishers’ journal websites and they may be included in future REF submissions. You also need to be aware of the concerns about the real value of altmetrics for assessing the impact of research; this is becoming a hot topic for debate.

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