Journal of Ancient Judaism

New on ejournals@cambridge A-Z : Journal of Ancient Judaism.


From the Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht website for the journal:

“The Journal of Ancient Judaism (JAJ) addresses all issues of Jewish literature, culture, religion, and history from the Babylonian exile until the Babylonian Talmud. As a cross disciplinary journal it is of interest for all those concerned with Biblical, Jewish, religious, cultural and historical studies. JAJ focuses on contributions which cover more wide ranging topics but are argued in detail nevertheless.

” Each year, JAJ will include one theme issue which will be dedicated to issues and or text which are at the cutting edge of Jewish studies. The articles section aims to publish articles dedicated to questions and themes in each of the periods addressed by the journal. The review section aims at comprehensiveness and will review about 200 books each year. For each book a brief summary of a quarter to a third of printed page will be given, which highlights its most important achievements.”

Now available to the University of Cambridge electronically from volume 1 (2010) to present.

Access Journal of Ancient Judaism via the ejournals@cambridge A-Z or at this link.

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