British History Online (premium content)

The University Library now provides access to the premium content of the British History Online resource run by the Institute of Historical Research at the University of London.

Comprising high quality digitizations of primary sources for the study of British history, British History Online includes, for example, the “Casket letters” used as evidence against Mary, Queen of Scots (from the Calendar of State Papers for Scotland), an architectural account of the Covent Garden Theatre and the Royal Opera House (from the Survey of London), the Bill of Rights (from the Statutes of the Realm), and Titus Oates’s Narrative concerning the “Popish plot” (from the House of Lords journal).


Now the “premium content” is also available to the University of Cambridge, consisting of the Parliament Rolls of Medieval England (Edward I to Henry VII), all the volumes of the Calendar of State Papers, Domestic 1537-1714, the Calendars of State Papers for Scotland and Ireland, plus the Calendar of Close Rolls.

British History Online can be accessed via the eresources@cambridge A-Z at this link.



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