South Asian Diaspora

New on ejournals@cambridge A-Z :South Asian Diaspora.

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From the Taylor & Francis website for the journal:

“The South Asian diaspora, shaped by dispersions of people, goods, ideas and beliefs that flowed from and through the Indian Subcontinent, is currently one of the world’s largest diasporas. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and the Maldives all anchor a sense of home for people who have moved outside the region through the centuries. These territories evoke emotional, social, political, economic, cultural and literary affiliations as well, which find expression in multiple ways. The diaspora is also marked by struggles over meanings and tensions both amongst the diasporics and with people in the countries where the diasporics now inhabit. In South Asian Diaspora we aim to explore some of the issues that the South Asian diaspora presents for the contemporary world.”

The journal also offers book reviews, editorials and letters to the editor.

Now available to the University of Cambridge electronically from volume 1 (2009) to present.

Access South Asian Diaspora via the ejournals@cambridge A-Z or at this link.

Image: ‘Woman at the market’ by IFPRI -IMAGES on Flickr

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