Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry Demonstration

You are invited to attend a demonstration of Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry

Thursday 7th August, 11:00 am, at the Department of Chemistry, Pfizer Lecture Theatre

Map and directions

Presenter: Dr Charles Martinez, Solution Sales Manager, Life Sciences Elsevier Ltd.

With the demonstration a trial of Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry will run from 1st August – 31st October 2014.  (Note RMC will appear as a new search option on the main Reaxys interface, so there’s no need to change application.)  Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry is designed to support researchers in making connections between compounds, targets and bioactivity, with tools that give insight into result sets and allow data export and sharing. You are encouraged to attend this demonstration to help familiarise yourself with the database early on so you can quickly begin to evaluate the database over the trial period. The presenter, Dr Charles Martinez, will also supply some structured workflows for you to experiment with.

General information on Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry can be found here

Please register for this event by quickly going to This Link.  Thank you.


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