Taylor and Francis Online Journal Collection: Chemistry

New on ejournals@cambridge A-Z : Taylor and Francis Online Journal Collection: Chemistry.

chemistry bottles with liquid insideThe Taylor & Francis Chemistry Collection includes full text access to current material (from 1997-present) from over 45 journals.For a list of titles included in the collection please click here.

Journals titles in the collection include:

  • Chemistry and Ecology – original papers, short communications and occasional review articles on the relationship between chemistry and ecological processes. The journal will reflect the fact that chemical form and state, as well as other basic properties, are critical in their influence on biological systems and that understanding of the routes and dynamics of the transfer of materials through atmospheric, terrestrial and aquatic systems, and the associated effects, calls for an integrated treatment. We have access to current and archive volumes of this title from volume 1 (1982/1983) – present
  • Journal of Asian Natural Products Research –  publishes chemical and pharmaceutical studies in the English language in the field of natural product research on Asian ethnic medicine. Major fields covered are: isolation and structural elucidation of natural constituents (including those for non-medical uses), synthesis and transformation (including biosynthesis and biotransformation) of natural products, pharmacognosy, and allied topics. Available from volume 1 (1998/1999) – present
  • Molecular Physics – a well-established international journal publishing original high quality papers in chemical physics and physical chemistry. The journal covers all experimental and theoretical aspects of molecular science, from electronic structure, molecular dynamics, spectroscopy and reaction kinetics to condensed matter, surface science, and statistical mechanics of simple and complex fluids. We have access to current and archive volumes of this title from volume 1 (1958) – present.
  • Soft Materials – as soft materials are often at the heart of modern technologies, soft matter science has implications and applications in many areas ranging from biology to engineering. Unlike many journals which focus primarily on individual classes of materials or particular applications, Soft Materials draws on all physical, chemical, materials science, and biological aspects of soft matter. Available from volume 1 (2002/2003) – present.

Access titles from the Taylor and Francis Online Journal Collection: Chemistry via the ejournals@cambridge A-Z.

Image credit: ‘chemistry bottles with liquid inside’ by zhouxuan12345678 on Flickr, here

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