ARTstor “curriculum guides”

ARTstor is not just for art historians! 

Navigating the tremendous number of images in the Artstor Digital Library can be daunting, particularly to those in fields outside of art history. Where to start looking for images for, say, an Introduction to Philosophy class? To address that hurdle, ARTstor introduces “curriculum guides” – collections of images from the Artstor Digital Library based on syllabi for college courses.

Every curriculum guide will be broken down into topics or themes, each composed of approximately ten images that illustrate or support the subject. ARTstor is working directly with faculty members and experts around the U.S. (which may lead to some bias) to ensure the image collections are an accurate, reliable source of information for other instructors to use in the classroom.

When completed, the curriculum guides, course descriptions, and links to the image collections will be posted on Artstor’s website.  To see which guides are already available, go to the Artstor Digital Library search page and click on the “Folders & Image Groups” button in the center of the page, then go to Global Folders > Featured Groups > Curriculum Guides.

Curriculum guides published so far:

Colonial Latin America

Introduction to Philosophy

History of Architecture and Urbanism

Shakespeare: Text and Performance



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