British Online Archives

Trial access is now available until 15 November to British Online Archives.

Drawn from recently scanned or microfilmed manuscripts and archives, the British Online Archives comprises collections for research in territories colonised by Britain (America, India, Africa, the West Indies, New Zealand, Australia and Melanesia), including records made by the East India Company and the records of missionaries from the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel.

British Online Archives also contains a range of sources that relate to both politics and history, including the Parliamentary Labour Party papers and the Anti-fascist newsletters of the International Transport Workers’ Federation, and the records of the Communist Party of Great Britain and The British Union of Fascists’ newspapers and secret files.

Access the trial via this link and please send us your thoughts and feedback on the archives by writing to  Thank you.

Users of Firefox may need to navigate to Options/Applications, find Portable Document Format and if it is set to “Preview in Firefox” change this to “Use Adobe Reader”.

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