New journal backfiles for Philosophy

Cambridge University Library is delighted to announce the new acquisition of journal backfiles in the subject area of Philosophy.  The titles are currently published by Wiley-Blackwell but were formerly published by Blackwell Publishing, university presses and philosophical foundations.

All the titles are listed in the ejournals@cambridge A-Z and will be retrievable in Library Search by mid-November 2014.

“Thus being the 16.05 from Cambridge to Liverpool Street is a purely syntactic property – it is  determined by the rule that says that any wft [well-formed train] that leaves Cambridge at (approximately) 16.05 and arrives at Liverpool Street at 17.09 is, by “theoretical definition”, the 16.05 from Cambridge to Liverpool Street.  Naturally, to infer rules from the somewhat rought and ready actual behaviour of the system will require much careful study and idealisation – but who ever thought train science would be easy? … What makes [this analogy] absurd is the idea that there is anything syntactic about this causal system at all.  To hold that it is syntactic involves a trivialisation of the idea of syntax, rendering it useless for distinguising between the causal structure of the mind and that of Network South-East … Why should we suppose that the mind has syntactic structure?” Tim Crane, ‘The Language of Thought: no Syntax without Semantics‘, Mind & Language, 5 (1990), 187-212.  DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0017.1990.tb00159.x

For your information now, the titles are listed below:



European Journal of Philosophy

Hastings Center Report


International review of mission

Journal of Applied Philosophy

Journal of Chinese Philosophy

Journal of political philosophy

Journal of Social Philosophy


Midwest Studies In Philosophy

Mind & language

National teaching & learning forum

Philosophical Books

Philosophical Investigations


Southern Journal of Philosophy


Join the conversation: Listen to : Philosophy as Dialogue.

Philosophy has always thrived on discussion. Socratic dialogue remains at its heart. Dr Nigel Warburton explores some of the great philosophical dialogues as well as the broader significance of critical debate in philosophy. Recorded at the Cambridge Alumni weekend Saturday 27th September 2014.

While for others it became a Norwegian exile.

Wittgenstein’s hut above the Eidsvatn in Skjolden, Norway

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