New journal backfiles for Politics

Cambridge University Library is delighted to announce the new acquisition of journal backfiles in the subject area of Politics.  The titles are currently published by Wiley-Blackwell but were formerly published by Blackwell Publishing, university presses and institutes and associations of political science.

All the titles are listed in the ejournals@cambridge A-Z and will be retrievable in Library Search by mid-November 2014.

From Sir Gwilym Gibbon, ‘The Civil Service and the War‘, Public Administration, 18:4, 219-289, one of the titles in the collection:

“There is, of course, behind all this an even greater problem, tragically illustrated by the present titanic struggle of war-whether, and how, man can match the fertility of his discoveries and inventions in material things with a similar fertility in the adaptation of himself and his institutions to the new conditions, or whether he must stay the pace of his mastery over the material to the slower progress of himself, in his character, outlook and habits. It must suffice here to say that it seems doubtful whether the slackening of the pace of advances in the material world is possible without reverting to a lower level of civilisation, which would happen if Hitler and his crowd were victorious, and that, if freedom is to prevail, man can scarcely resist the challenge of his opportunities and must ‘labour to find means by which the pace of advance in his own make-up, in the individual and in the group, shall keep reasonable step with that of his material conquests. This is one of the basic crises of our civilisation.”

The old Chamber of the House of Commons built by Sir Charles Barry was destroyed by German bombs during the Second World War. The essential features of Barry’s design were preserved when the Chamber was rebuilt.

For your information now, the titles are listed below:

Australian journal of public administration
Canadian Public Administration
European Journal of Political Research
Government and Opposition
GPSA journal
Journal of Common Market Studies
Journal of contingencies and crisis management
Journal of public administration (London, England)
Middle East Policy
Nations and Nationalism
New Economy
Pacific Focus
Peace & change
Policy Studies Journal
Policy Studies Review
Political Quarterly
Political Studies
Public administration
Public administration (Sydney)
Scandinavian Political Studies
Southeastern political review

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