St Augustine & Luther, the Works

The Divinity Faculty Library and Cambridge University Library are pleased to report the acquisition of major digitizations of the corpus of two core authors for the study of theology, history and philosophy: The Works of St Augustine and The Works of Martin Luther.  The digitizations are by Academic Rights Press and are on the Intelex Past Masters platform.

The Works of St Augustine and The Works of Martin Luther are available from the eresources@cambridge A-Z or via the following links:

Works of Martin Luther

Works of St Augustine

Francesco Salviati: Luther and Cardinal Gaetano; Palazzo Farnese, Rome.

“After he had carefully inspected Rome, that very learned man Bembo said that Rome is the dregs of the worst people on all the earth. Another man wrote, ‘If you wish to live a holy life, depart from Rome; everything is permitted there except to be a virtuous man.’ In earlier times, before the recovery of the gospel, there were often men in Rome itself who reproached the city for its wickedness. One was the Franciscan Ludovicus. Another was the Augustinian Aegidius. There were two other preachers who, after they had censured papal conduct, were found the next morning with their tongues cut out. The pope’s motto is ‘Touch me not’ [John 20:17].”

From Martin Luther: Table Talk, Recorded by Anthony Lauterbach and Jerome Weller

If those who lost all their earthly riches in Rome’s devastation had possessed them in this way, as they had heard from one who was himself outwardly poor but inwardly rich — that is, if they had used the world as though not using it — they
would have been able to say, echoing one who was grievously tempted but never overcome, Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I shall return to the
earth. The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; as it pleased the Lord, so it has taken place; blessed be the name of the Lord. (Jb 1:21)

From St Augustine: The City of God, part II

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