Gartner Research database

New access for University of Cambridge members to the Gartner Research database

Cambridge has licensed campus access to core online resources of Gartner, Inc., a leading global information technology research and advisory company.  They provide analysis of technologies, trends and companies. This licence extends to members of the Regent House, current University staff, and students reading for a degree.

Access is via Raven login at this URL:

Alternatively visit eresources@cambridge A-Z where the Gartner Research database is now listed in the Index, Engineering and Technology, and Business and management studies pages.

“For tens of thousands of technology professionals, Gartner Research is an indispensable daily resource. It’s what you need to know, what you need to do, where you need to look, and who you should be paying attention to. It’s independent, insightful, and instantly applicable to your business challenges.”



Keeping oneself informed about the latest breakthroughs and trends in technology and virtual media assures that no opportunities are missed. – Patrick Lux/Getty Images


Note that use of the database requires an account to be set up for you on Gartner’s system; this will happen automatically if you follow the instructions on the Registering a new account page.  Please note that this will send some data about you to Gartner — details are on the registration page.

Support, documentation and FAQs can be found on the UIS pages here:


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