Oxford Language Dictionaries Online – Change of site

Oxford Language Dictionaries Online is moving from to a new site.

All dictionaries are migrating to the site where formerly the English and Arabic modules of OxfordDictionaries.com had been located.  Now all dictionaries will be available together, creating a single destination for users to explore the languages of today.  The eresources@cambridge A-Z has been updated with the URL for the new site which is:


A redirect is available from the new site to the old site (http://www.oxfordlanguagedictionaries.com/) until 1 April 2015.


One thought on “Oxford Language Dictionaries Online – Change of site

  1. chemlibrarian says:

    Reblogged this on Chemistry Library blog and commented:
    Oxford Language Dictionaries and Oxford English Dictionary online (which includes helpful thesauri) are really useful resources that many people probably aren’t aware of. Check them out today to see if they can help you!

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