Off-campus access to eresources – restored


We are currently experiencing problems with access to eresources from off-campus.

Access to eresources via the links on the ebooks@cambridge webpages, ejournals A-Z, databases A-Z, LibrarySearch, Newton and LibrarySearch+ are all currently affected.



If you copy the link from the catalogue and delete our prefix ( you can then use the URL to go direct to the ejournal website. These websites often have a Shibboleth or Institutional option for logging in.

RavenSelect the University of Cambridge from the drop down box or enter the name into the search box. You should then see the Raven log in screen. Please note: you should only ever enter your Raven details into the official Raven log in screen. Please do not enter your details into the websites own log in screen.

This issue is being investigated and access will be reinstated as soon as possible.


On-campus access to ebooks, ejournals and databases should be unaffected.

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