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On 27th April the Guardian published an article titled ‘Want to get your research noticed by politicians? Join a think tank’ (Tim Bale, published online Monday 27th April). The article mentions an infographic (below) produced by the Policy Exchange in which they show how they believe they have influenced the manifestos of the three main political parties.

Policy Exchange

As all Policy Exchange publications are free to download in .pdf format we thought we would bring these titles together in one place.

  1. Modernising industrial relations
  2. Cities for growth: solutions to our planning problems
  3. Ending expensive social tenancies: fairness, higher growth and more homes
  4. A right to build: local homes for local people
  5. Future prisons: a radical plan to reform the prison estate
  6. Power down: a plan for a cheaper, more effective justice system
  7. 21st century retail policy: quality, choice, experience and convenience
  8. Taxing issues? reducing housing demand or increasing housing supply
  9. Park land: how open data can improve our open green spaces
  10. Future courts: a new vision for summary justice
  11. Silicon cities: supporting the development of tech clusters outside of London and the South East of England
  12. Electoral omission
  13. Freeing housing associations: better financing and new homes
  14. Swift and certain: a new paradigm for criminal justice
  15. Welfare manifesto
  16. Garden villages: empowering localism to solve the housing crisis
  17. No worker left behind: how to improve pay and work for the low paid
  18. Education manifesto
  19. Clearing the fog of law: saving our armed forces from defeat by judicial diktat

Why not read the reports that have helped shape the manifestos of the three main parties ahead of next months general election? Or why not just browse the titles freely available on the Policy Exchange website?

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