CAIRN French Studies collection

New e-journal collection: CAIRN French Studies collection.

The University of Cambridge Journals Co-ordination Scheme is pleased to announce a new subscription to the CAIRN French Studies collection.

The collection can be accessed from this link or via the eresources@cambridge A-Z list.

“Ce qui me passionne, c’est ce que les gens pourraient dire s’ils
avaient les moyens de le dire et non ce qu’ils disent quand ils en ont
tous les moyens” – Le Square de Marguerite Duras, mise en scène de Nicolas
Fleury, à La Maison des Trois Quartiers, à Poitiers

Just now we are waiting on the titles becoming available to us so that we can make them available via the ejournals@cambridge A-Z and via LibrarySearch and LibrarySearch+.  We expect to be able to do this by mid-July.

Titles subscribed are those listed below the “Accès abonné” legend on the CAIRN home page, covering all subject areas, from France’s leading publishers.


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