V&A Collection

Victoria & Albert Museum’s Collections database allows you to perform searches of over 293,000 images in objects in the V&A collection.

V&A special collection The database includes over 1.1 million catalogue records as well as the image collection. Make sure you opt for the ‘Only records with images’ option before performing your search if you do not want to see results without images.


V&AThe images are also grouped by collection. For instance, you can view illustrations and photographs of toys, children’s stories, clothes, and more in the ‘Collection: Museum of Childhood’.

You can also perform searches on all the tags of an image, which include materials, techniques, place of origin, names, galleries, and category (includes porcelain, ceramics, textiles, etc.).

Each time the homepage is visited the selection of images changes which offers a great way to explore random elements of the collection.

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