Links for information about eresources on trial

This post is aimed at Cambridge librarians who may want to find information on what eresources are currently on trial.

Eresources currently on trial are communicated via this blog.  Ebooks currently on trial are communicated via the ebooks blog

Trials are also routinely emailed to the general staff maillists.

There are now two new places to check and discover information about eresources trials:

1. via an eresources@cambridge page for Cambridge librarians here

2. via the Trials section of the “What’s new” page on the ejournals & eresources LibGuide here

The eresources@cambridge site, the Journals Co-ordination Scheme site and the eresources@cambridge Wiki for eresources selection have been updated to include links to these pages about trials.

As the pages say, if you wish to request a new trial or have a question about an existing trial, please write to or for ebooks to

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