En attendant Nadeau

Following the ruptures in September 2015 in the editorial staffing performed by Patricia de Pas in her dramatic restructuring of La Quinzaine littéraire, staff declaring themselves most faithful to its original founder, Maurice Nadeau, have launched a new journal, entitled En attendant Nadeau.

Completely free and open access and online, the journal is formed by the editors Jean Lacoste, Pierre Pachet and Tiphaine Samoyault, as they set out on a new project but fidèles à leur histoire commune autour de Maurice Nadeau. 

The first issue is online now (available in PDF soon) here and will be listed this week in ejournals@cambridge A-Z and next month in iDiscover.

Under review in the first issue of En attendant Nadeau“Histoire du cochon regicide” par Dominique Goy-Blanquet

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