Royal College of Emergency Medicine’s e-learning platform

The Royal College of Emergency Medicine’s (RCEM) e-learning platform offers Open Access content mapped to the RCEM’s curriculum. Content on the platform includes reference resources, exam preparation and professional development materials, and weekly podcasts on Emergency Medicine.



Clicking on the links provided leads to a selection of articles on all subjects in emergency medicine. To refine your search click on the ‘menu’ icon on the header line and select the topics of interest to you from the drop down menu.

Each article will display an abstract and details of the number of likes and comments it has. If you are a member of RCEM you can login to the platform and add your own comments.

You can also access the College’s Free Open Access Medical Education (FOAMed) site from the platforms homepage where everything is available as either a podcast or a blog.

Paediatric TraumaThe podcasts can be downloaded as mp3s, with new podcasts being made available regularly.

A number of podcasts have been made available from  RCEM’15 Month from the RCEM Annual Scientific Conference in Manchester.

The material available on this platform is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution – NonCommercial 3.0 UK: England and Wales. The material is free to use for educational purposes with an attribution to RCEM.

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