Migration to New Worlds

New eresource: Migration to New Worlds

A collection of materials on the ‘Century of Immigration’ is now available via this link.

This collection has been made available to the UK Higher Education community for its relevance to contemporary society and responding to many undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the UK covering the subject of immigration.  This was from an inter-disciplinary point of view and includes the subjects of history, geography, anthropology, sociology, politics, cultural studies and English.

Collection materials include unique primary source material on the ‘Century of Immigration’ (1800-1924): a period when hundreds of thousands of migrants left their homelands in Great Britain, Ireland, mainland Europe, India, China, Japan and other Asian countries to start new lives in the United States, Canada and Australasia.

Materials include unique diaries, personal letters, oral histories and journals; each narrating the intimate journeys and challenges immigrants faced when settling in foreign countries.

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