Samuel Beckett in Drama online

The stage plays of Samuel Beckett are now live on Drama Online.

Without Beckett the study of twentieth-century and contemporary theatre would be incomplete; his work brought to the European theatre a new form of drama, one which demanded a new criticism, a new acting style and a new aesthetics. Throughout a long and ultimately successful writing career, Beckett astounded and challenged his audiences as he refined and reinvented modern theatre practice.

Nineteen plays are provided from Beckett’s oeuvre; from the paradigm-shifting first success of Waiting for Godot to Endgame and Krapp’s Last Tape.

Making the announcement, Henry Volans, Director of Faber Press writes: ‘Faber and Faber first published Waiting for Godot in 1956 and has been the home of Samuel Beckett’s plays for more than half a century. The Nobel Prize-winning author is responsible for some of the most important and enduring late modernist works of fiction, drama and poetry, and it is a privilege to be able to bring these works into Drama Online, where they will be available to readers and students of literature and drama for years to come.’

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