MethodsNow: unlimited trial access until 18th May 2016

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Search and compare scientific methods with MethodsNow.

We have arranged for registered SciFinder users to have free and unlimited access to MethodsNow synthetic preparations in reaction answers until 18th May 2016.

According to CAS:

MethodsNowTM features step-by-step instructions for analytical and synthetic methods in areas like pharmacology, HPLC, food analysis, natural product isolation analysis and water analysis, plus:

  • Saves time with easy access to method details from millions of disclosed procedures

  • Lets you quickly compare analytical methods side-by-side

  • Displays experimental details in easy-to-read table format

  • Includes materials, instrumentation, conditions and more

  • Covers synthetic preparations from top journals and patents

  • Features content curated by CAS scientists for superior discoverability and new CAS Method NumberTM identifiers for quick reference

Coverage includes synthetic preparations from 180 highly respected journals.

How to access the MethodsNow content

  • Find an article of interest.
  • Get reactions.
  • Find the MethodsNow logo in your results for a preview…

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