Cambridge Core – how to find articles and ejournals

Cambridge University Press have launched a new platform for discovering content in ejournals and ebooks and it is called Cambridge Core.

Searching for journals and articles in Cambridge Core:

Simply enter your keyword term/s into the search box to explore all of the content provided by Cambridge University Press. Be sure to check the option to ‘Only search content I have access to’  below the search bar in order to exclude content to which we do not have access. You can also opt to refine your results to items within our collection by choosing the ‘Only search content I have access to’ option from the list on the left hand side of the Search Results screen.


Whether you are looking for articles on a specific subject or a journal to browse you can refine your search results to see only the content that you require. Without refining you will be given a list of articles, journals, chapters and books.


You can open article PDFs or export citations direct from the results list. Clicking on the article title will open the article in the journal pages where the article can be read online.

To select articles from a limited number of journals go to the ‘Journals’ section in the ‘Refine search’ panel on the left of the screen. You can check multiple journal titles from which you want to search for articles.

You can also refine your results by publication date, subject, society and author.


A list of the refinements you have made will appear at the top of your results list. Click on the x next to the refinement, within the blue rectangle, in order to deselect the option.You can save your search to Cambridge Core clicking on the ‘Save search’ button and logging in to Cambridge Core.

Please note: you will need to register for an account with Cambridge Core to be able to make use of the save your search option. You will also be able to bookmark content.


camcore-journalTo access a journal just click on the journal title to be taken to the homepage where you can then navigate to a list of ‘All issues’ available.

Please note: on some journal webpages you may have to scroll past highlighted articles to find the option to view ‘All issues’.

camcore-accessContent which is accessible off campus through Raven authentication, or on campus from a networked PC, can be identified by a green circle containing a tick followed by the word ‘Access’. If there is no tick then we do not have access to the article/journal.

cam-core-oaOpen access articles are indicated by  an open orange padlock with the text ‘Open access’.

camcore-get-accessThere will be some content on Cambridge Core which we cannot access. This content will show ‘Get access’ in blue under the title. There is an option to recommend these resources to your librarian by clicking on ‘Get access’.

Please note: content that is not available electronically may be available in print from the libraries within the University of Cambridge. If you find something useful on Cambridge Core that you cannot access please check iDiscover for a print copy as you may be able to find this in your College, Department or Faculty Library or at the University Library.

'Help Wanted ...' by Matt Wetzler on Flickr

For a guide to searching for ebooks then you may want to read the blog post by the ebooks@cambridge team.

Cambridge Core currently has around 98% of the content of Cambridge University Press available to search/access. The Cambridge Core Technical Team is working to make the remaining content available. Please contact the ejournals@camrbidge team on if you find any links to articles that are not linking to full text access.


Image credit: Help Wanted …’ by Matt Wetzler on Flickr –

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