ABIA: Index of South and Southeast Asian Art and Archaeology

The University of Cambridge now has trial access to the ABIA: Index of South and Southeast Asian Art and Archaeology up to 15 November 2016.

We want to know what you think of this resource.  Is it useful to you; if so, in what way?  Please send us your thoughts and feedback by writing an email to: rmr29@cam.ac.uk.  Thank you!

ABIA is the only specialist academic in-depth bibliography dedicated to South and Southeast Asian prehistory, archaeology of the historical period, art, crafts and architecture (from early down to contemporary), inscriptions and palaeography, coins and seals of these regions. Going back to 1928, this unique and up-to-date bibliographic reference source has become the standard of reference in the fields it covers for both specialists as well as students.

Misra, Bhaskar Nath. ‘Three Bodhisattva Images from Nalanda’. JUP Hist.S. [The Journal of the UP Historical Society] I (1953 (1955)): 63–75. Brill Bibliographies Online. Web. 18 Oct. 2016.

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