MGG Online: Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart

The University of Cambridge has recently enrolled in a free, 30-day trial of MGG Online, a new digital encyclopedia that includes the second edition of Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart (MGG) as well as regular updates and newly written articles.

The free trial begins on 19 January 2017 and expires on 18 February 2017.

You can access MGG Online at

Please send your feedback on MGG Online to  before the trial expires.

MGG Online includes more than 16,000 articles covering almost every aspect of music and its history.

Already at the launch of MGG Online (November 2016), some 200 articles have been fundamentally updated, numerous minor revisions carried out, and articles rewritten.

  • Platform with highly developed search- and browse capabilities, e.g. biographical and subject articles, categories (occupations, among others), bibliographies, article sections, and many others
  • Work lists sortable by different categories
  • Google Translate integration into over 100 languages for users who do not speak German
  • Easy toggling between different articles versions
  • Cross references and links to related content in RILM Abstracts of Music Literature
  • An interface compatible with mobile and tablet devices

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