Idealistic studies

New on ejournals@cambridge A-Z : Idealistic studies.


From the PDC website for the journal:

Idealistic Studies provides a peer-reviewed forum for the discussion of themes and topics that relate to the tradition and legacy of philosophical Idealism. Established in 1971 as a vehicle for American Personalism and post-Kantian Idealism, the journal’s purview now includes historically earlier expressions, as well as the inheritance of that past in the developments of late 19th to mid-20th century philosophy. The journal has also become a venue for a number of philosophical movements that share Idealism in their genealogies, including Phenomenology, Neo-Kantianism, Historicism, Hermeneutics, Life Philosophy, Existentialism, and Pragmatism.”

Now available to the University of Cambridge electronically from volume 1 (1971) to present.

Access Idealistic studies via the ejournals@cambridge A-Z or at this link.

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