Rand Daily Mail trial access

Trial access has been arrange for the Rand Daily Mail 1902-1985

Access is available from the below URL on and off campus from now until March 29, 2017:


Please send us your feedback on this trial – write to

ejournals@lib.cam.ac.uk    Thank you

The Rand Daily Mail, a Johannesburg daily, is a critically important title that pioneered popular journalism in South Africa. It is renowned today for being the first newspaper to openly oppose apartheid and contribute to its downfall.   From its early beginnings in 1902, the Rand Daily Mail was known for its controversial yet courageous journalism. Despite significant pressure from the conservative government, its writers openly addressed issues that white readers knew little about.

Just now the issues loaded are for the period 1940-1985.  Issues for the period 1902-1939 are in production now at Readex and the entirety of the collection will be launched by April 2017 at the latest.  For the duration of the trial therefore only the issues for 1940-1985 can be consulted.

Home for the banished Mrs Winnie Mandela is now a three-roomed house without electricity, running water, a bath or a stove.  Like the 725 identical houses in the township, near Brandfort in the Free State, the Mandela house, no. 802, is without water-borne sewerage, or a fence.  The township has no official name but local blacks call it “Phatakahle” – which means “handle with care.”
Rand Daily Mail, May 18, 1977

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