Periodicals Archive Online: Jisc Collection Selection (50 new titles)

New on ejournals@cambridge A-Z : Periodicals archive online: jisc collection selection (50 new titles).

From the Jisc website:

“Continuing to meet the need for deep archives of scholarly journals, Jisc has purchased a second collection of 50 titles from ProQuest’s Periodicals Archive Online (PAO) resource for the research and teaching community across the United Kingdom.

This new collection adds to the existing collection of 80 titles Jisc already provides to their membership as part of the Jisc ProQuest Archives Collection. Titles have been hand-picked from the Periodicals Archive Online (PAO) collections from ProQuest to complement other electronic archives to which Jisc members already have access.”

New titles were chosen to fit within one or more of the 37 subject areas in the arts, humanities and social sciences already included in the database. For example:

Architecture plus design

Byron Journal

General linguistics

International journal of comparative and applied criminal justice

Journal of South Asian and Middle Eastern studies

Journal of transport history

Women’s studies journal

The full title list can be found here.

Access Periodicals Archive Online: Jisc Collections Selection (50 new titles) via the ejournals@cambridge A-Z.

Twentieth Century China

New on ejournals@cambridge A-Z : Twentieth Century China.

From the Project Muse website for the journal:

Twentieth-Century China, a refereed scholarly journal, publishes new research on China’s long twentieth century. Articles in the journal engage significant historiographic or interpretive issues and explore both continuities of the Chinese experience across the century and specific phenomena and activities within the Chinese cultural, political, and territorial sphere—including the Chinese diaspora—since the final decades of the Qing. Comparative empirical and/or theoretical studies rooted in Chinese experience sometimes extend to areas outside China, as well. The journal encompasses a wide range of historical approaches in its examination of twentieth-century China: among others, social, cultural, intellectual, political, economic, and environmental. Founded as a newsletter in 1975, Twentieth-Century China has grown into one of the leading English-language journals in the field of Chinese history.”

Now available to the University of Cambridge electronically from the Project Muse platform from volume 33 (2007) to present.

Access Twentieth Century China via the ejournals@cambridge A-Z or at this link.

SpringerMaterials trial extended to 30 May 2017

Further to the notice promoting the trial access to the SpringerMaterials database we are pleased to inform that the trial has been extended to 30 May 2017 to allow for a full review of this resource for the materials science, chemistry and engineering user communities.

To access the trial please go to:

or off campus login via Shibboleth or via ezproxy here:
Please send your valuable feedback on this resource to Clair Castle, Librarian at the Department of Chemistry, at


Littman E-Library of Jewish Civilization

Trial access has been enabled from 7 April – 7 May 2017 to the  Littman E-Library of Jewish Civilization.

Access the trial here:

The Littman E-Library of Jewish Civilization is a 90-volume digital library with over 30,000 pages of leading research in Jewish studies.  It includes international perspectives on Jewish civilization from the USA, Israel, Germany, Poland and the UK.  The variety of texts provides a comprehensive overview of subject areas including history, cultural studies, literature, the Holocaust, biography, religious studies, philosophy and women’s studies.

Please send your feedback on this resource to

Thank you

Scene from the 1945 production of H. Leivick’s Miracle of the Warsaw … From the Collection of the YIVO Institute



SpringerMaterials trial access begins today

Chemistry Library blog

631x158_trial (2)Trial access to SpringerMaterials starts today and ends on 2nd May.

Please go to (access within the University of Cambridge only) to get access to the complete database, which has been specifically designed to save you a LOT of time when searching for materials properties.

Please send your valuable feedback on this resource to Clair Castle, Librarian at the Department of Chemistry, at

About the database:

SpringerMaterials is a comprehensive database for identifying materials properties and covers data from materials science, physics, physical and inorganic chemistry, engineering and other related fields.

Vast collection of quality content:

  • Covering multiple material types, property classes and applications.

Interactive functionality saving time:

  • Interactive crystal structures, data tables, phase diagrams, and fast data export are tools help save critical time and provide deep insights into material structures and properties.

Materials science related search options:

  • Multiple search tools to quickly find material…

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