Oxford University Press – delay in access to some content on the new platform

The new Oxford Academic journals platform is still missing some content, which is not expected to be made available until August. Most of the missing full text articles and PDFs will be in supplementary material, but also includes many of the archive volumes of Notes & Queries and certain articles in The Library.

Any articles that that only offers the options ‘Cite’, ‘Permission’ and ‘Share’ (please see the above image) and not ‘PDF’ (as in the image below) will be unavailable until August.

If you need articles from Notes & Queries then you can find print copies in the main University Library (classmark R904.2 in the West Room, on the shelves to the right as you enter the room). These volumes are not borrowable, but there are photocopying and scanning facilities in the West Room.

The Library is also available from the University Library (classmark P850.c.54, located on West Four). These volumes are borrowable. The English Faculty Library also has a print this title (classmark P TRA).

If you have any questions about access to an Oxford University Press journal then please contact us ejournals@lib.cam.ac.uk

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