Public Archaeology

New on ejournals@cambridge A-Z : Public Archaeology

From the T&F website for the journal:

Public Archaeology is the only international, peer-reviewed journal to provide an arena for the growing debate surrounding archaeological and heritage issues as they relate to the wider world of politics, ethics, government, social questions, education, management, economics and philosophy. As a result, the journal includes ground-breaking research and insightful analysis on topics ranging from ethnicity, indigenous archaeology and cultural tourism to archaeological policies, public involvement and the antiquities trade.

Key issues covered:
• the sale of unprovenanced and frequently looted antiquities

• the relationship between emerging modern nationalism and the profession of archaeology

• privatization of the profession

• human rights and, in particular, the rights of indigenous populations with respect to their sites and material relics

• representation of archaeology in the media

• the law on portable finds or treasure troves

• archaeologist as an instrument of state power, or catalyst to local resistance to the state”

Now available to the University of Cambridge electronically from volume 1 (2000) to present.

Access Public Archaeology via the ejournals@cambridge A-Z or at this link.

Image credit: ‘Romans’ by Hans Spilnter on Flickr –

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